Function of Alveoli


Alveoli play a very significant role in the process of breathing. More than half a billion alveoli presence in human lungs when we breathe alveoli suck oxygen. The whole process of breathing done by alveoli, Alveoli disposes of the waste product of breathing called carbon dioxide.

This is a very stretchable organ at the time of inhaling alveoli expand itself self and when we exhale then it starts squeezing its self for releasing a waste product called carbon dioxide. The blood takes oxygen from alveoli and transports the whole body. At that time when blood takes oxygen from alveoli leave carbon dioxide for disposal.

Function of alveoli

More than half a billion alveoli attached to each other because. for the breathing process lungs need much efficiency and power when all alveoli make joint with each other then they required more space. when anyone recognized with lung disease that’s mean the alveoli not working properly.

Mainly lung disease caused by air pollution and smoking if you lived in a megacity where the air quality is not much better as compare to low population cities. Low-quality air and smoke hurt alveoli very badly and the efficiency of lungs is also compromised.

At the time of breathing other muscles also helps alveoli to make the process easy. All muscle produce pressure when we inhaling And at the time of exhaling muscle reduce air pressure. There are many things which hearts alveoli badly human eye cant see alveoli.


The function of alveoli:

There are many functions of alveoli we write down some vital functions of alveoli.

  • First of all, we need to understand that the whole process of breathing done by alveoli. In case of any disease alveoli not working perfectly then the process of breathing becomes harsh for that person that’s why everyone needs to take care of its lungs. The lung is a region of alveoli.
  • More than half a billion alveoli presence in the normal human body.
  • For the good health of lungs or alveoli, we take clean and fresh air for breathing.


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