Function of BLOCKCHAIN


Blockchain is the new technology or you also called it future technology. BTC has its own world with its own rules and regulation. In simple words, you assume blockchain as the internet but there is a huge difference between both of them. If you break out this term into two parts block and chain block represent a sufficient amount of data mean. This is a block of data in this block we can save our data and chain represent connection it’s mean our data block is chained with another data block.

The data once you upload then no one can delete or do some changes to those data. Because the security and unique model of blockchain are unbreakable. The data you upload on your block is chained with another block so your data cant is tempered or delete. And no one can trace your exact location because all blocks show the same data example 1 million blocks show the same data than there is no chance to trace location because of trace a million blocks it’s not a piece of cake.

function of blockchain

The most famous thing about blockchain or you called the cause of fame of blockchain is BITCOIN in short term is called BTC. Thousands of peoples become millionaire$ with help of BTC in 2016 BITCOIN price touches its peak 20k$ price of each bitcoin. And become the most expensive currency in the world but nowadays bitcoin falls between 8k $ to 10k $.


The function of BLOCKCHAIN:

  • Blockchain provides secure and safe data storage and blockchain has their own digital currency most famous is Bitcoin. Blockchain also calculates the data of BTC trading and storage.
  • The privacy of blockchain is most powerful and unbreakable. No one can trace your location and your name is also hidden for everyone.

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