Function of GIF and PNG

GIF and PNG:

PNG and Gif both belong to the same type of format that is called a raster graphic image format. GIF and PNG are image format when you download any type of image. The downloader show you the format of that particular image GIF is a new product. And Gif is a little bit different from the image in GIF format you can shrink the image for one second and they mainly. Use in infographics and gif is also used in memes also because memes are top trending products nowadays.

The application of both formats working perfectly in all browsers. The Uniform indent of PNG is public.PNG and no one can patent the format of PNG and GIF also. Because the owner of this format does not paten this and provide free of cost. PNG has considered one of the most reliable and elegant formats because in PNG format the quality of the image remains the same. And they consume less space as compare to other formats like GIF, IMG, JFF, and many more like this. PNG also compressed the image size without losing quality.

Function of GIF and PNG

Gif and PNG use two different algorithm Gif format use by default pattern called LZW LEMPLE-ZIV-WELCH. And PNG used a lossless deflate algorithm the founder of this algorithm is also a different and GIF stand Graphic interchange format. And PNG stands Portable network graphics PNG give more than millions. Of color format but in the gif, you can only use a few colors and PNG has also double market share as compared to GIF the main reason is GIF decrease the image quality and you cannot use too many colors


The function of GIF and PNG:

  • Both are image format and this both are the most usable format even gif is very recent technology. And PNG is the most trusted format because they maintain the quality of images

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