Function of Internet


Internet is launched in 1969 with the name of ARPANET. But at this time internet not available for commercial use or public use after the trail in 1988 ARPANET. Is available for commercial use with the name of the internet. Internet connect many other networks with each other when you install the internet. Connection you a lot a unique IP address IP stands for internet protocol address. Every computer or connection has a unique IP address for data and other kinds of stuff. Transfer on the internet in numerical form. Internet connect all computer together with the help of a different kind. Of the internet and different kind of frameworks and programs.

function of internet

You can access that data which was uploaded by another country user but you can access only. That data which was publically for any user some kind of content creator wants to show their data in a specific region.  Or country internet needs mega infrastructure for function perfectly they need copper wires, and nowadays optical fiber is most famous because optical fiber gives one of the best speeds. The main purpose of the internet making the world a global village and somehow this purpose is to fulfill by the internet because you can show your content or skill all over the world through the internet. Without the internet, it is not possible but nowadays users use the internet through a wireless connection called WIFI but for that purpose, we need a modem.

The Internet has many subnets and you called a group of some computers so they can easily transmit their data. The data transmitted on the internet in the form of packets the internet has some protocol but this protocol is different every country has its own rules and regulation for the internet.


The function of the internet:

  • Connect many networks into single hubs and transmit all data with each other in the form of a packet.
  • Convert the world into a global village.

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