Function of iPod



iPod basically use for music, videos, images, you can store songs videos images also. Different I pod model has different storage capacity 160gb capacity is maximum in any kind of I pod. I pod firstly launched in October 2001 nowadays I pod consider an old fashion gadget very few people have I pod. Apple company also discontinue I pod because they see a major downfall in demand of I pod. The top model of I pod has more than 40 hours of battery time. They also take time to charge up in the very latest model of I pod you can play video music and click photos also I pod full charged in 5 to 6 hours. Some model of I pod has a 4.6 inch screen and that is I pod classic model. The classic model has one of the biggest screens in I pod.

function of i pod

I pod is a very portable device you easily carry in a traveling gym or any other outside activities also. Apple company provides its own earbuds with I pod maximum weight of an I pod is 140 grams. The different model of I pod has different body structure and I pod look is changed also when generation is changed. Battery power is also changed in the new generation and model of I pod. Music quality in I pod is very marvelous and video quality is also good in I pod. In nowadays mostly sportsmen use I pod for the better quality of sound. You can easily charged I pod via any USB charger the quality of the charger is also mattered in the time of charging.



The function of the iPod:

  • You can use I pod for listing music and watching videos.
  • You can store music files videos and images in I pod up to 160 GB. Very few models of I pod provides that much space normally they provide 6 to 8 GB.

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