Function of Laptop


Usually, the main function of a laptop is portable in simple word laptop is portable Pc. All function of the laptop is the same any time you can upgrade a laptop or computer at any time. According to your budget and needs, you can easily do all the office work on the laptop you can also do. Development of any website and application also there are many brands that sell laptop but HP is the leading. Brand of laptop and this admirable hp is providing one of the best quality in control rates hp laptop. Cost much less as compare to apple laptop or dell laptops.

Nowadays laptops start replacing computers and laptops become more official in all offices. Are start using the laptop because the laptop required less space as compared to a computer And the power of the laptop is also much powerful and the laptop is portable this is the main special plus point of laptop you can easily do all of your office work through the laptop. The cost of the laptop is also gone down you can create a game also on the laptop you also play a game but for this purpose, you need a heavy specification laptop.

The laptop is also available in touch screen and 360 flips able laptop is also entering the market with good reliability but this type of laptop is too costly. And mainly they used by professionals

Function of laptop


The function of Laptop:

  • On a laptop, you can easily perform all official tasks.
  • A laptop is a portable desktop computer. And you also called an upgraded version of the computer as compared to graphic speed and efficiency. You can upgrade desktop computers also and desktop pc also required a massive space. Graphic of the laptop is also much better than a computer and the laptop have a built-in mouse and keyboard you can attach a keyboard also with a laptop.

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