Function of Local Government

Local government:

There are two types of local government all MPA are considering local government. All consular and mayor of the city also called a local government. The chief minister is the head of the local government and they transfer authority to the consular and mayor. Usually, they transfer projects of water supply road construction and MPA looks after the mega projects related to development.

Infrastructure development and they also work on the education system all over the province. Local government has full power and authority to take any decision related to it. The province and when MPAs elect from a particular area than local government and. The chief minister provides funds to their MPAs according to the capacity of area and situation of the area all. Work including maintenance and new build of government hospitals. Government schools’ colleges and universities also cleaning of areas sewerage. Areas and water supply are also the responsibility of local government.

Function of Local Government

But when consular and mayor was elect and start work then the water and sewerage system transfer to them. And the DG of the water board and sewerage board belong to the local. Government mayor a lot of heavy budgets to spend on their areas. Mayor divides that money to union consular and union consular chairman the maintenance of law and order situation. Is the responsibility of the local government but the head of the police department in any province is appointed by the federal government the position of IG inspector general is equal to the chief minister The construction of houses for poor people provide food for cheap people is all responsibility of the local government But the mayor and consular is also played a very vital role in the development of any province because they have a very strong grip and knowledge about local issues.


The function of Local Government:

  • Invest in infrastructure look after the situation of the health system education system. Maintain the law and order in all provinces.

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