Function of Magnet


A magnet is an object that has two opposite poles. One called the south pole and the other one called the north pole if both poles are the same. in that case, they pushed itself to the opposite side. To produce magnetic energy or magnetic field. it’s necessary that both poles are different from each other. Otherwise, they are not able to produce a magnetic field.

Earth produces its own magnetic field earth has its own north pole and south pole. the north pole and south pole both have different electrons and also different in shapes. They both produce a magnetic field in a single and straight line to produce maximum energy.

function of magnet

One magnet has two poles, south pole and north pole. North pole only repelled only north pole electrons of another magnet also the south pole working in the same pattern. Magnets are also used for changing energy examples in industries they use the magnet to change electric energy to mechanical energy. and mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The magnet also used in hospitals because some kind of test machine needs mechanical energy to provide a clear and correct result. And some machines produce electrical energy so with the help of a magnet machine change electrical energy into mechanical energy.


The function of magnet:

  • The major use of magnets in preparing of electric motors, pumps, television. And all kinds of electronics and also magnet play a very vital role in an electric generator. All the wire of the generator machine is surrounded by a magnet. Once we start a generator then the generator uses any source of fuel that can rewind wire on the magnet to produce electric power.
  • You can hold and merge especially metal things with the help of a magnet. Because magnet reacts with metal at a very good intensity.
  • Produce a good amount of electricity with the help of a negative magnet. Because negative magnet produces a significant amount of energy

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