Function of Management


Managers need to understand the project of the organization. And they provide a whole roadmap to his team and the main purpose of the management. Or the manager makes strategy and full plane from starting to end. The whole pressure of work in an organization is on the manager because they report to the CEO or CFO. The management team manages the whole company in all departments from food to marketing of the final product or service.

Giant companies have their own dedicate department for managing a whole company. And there are many subdomains of management in giant companies. Human resources management, team management, food management, company management, this all department work under the management department, and all sub-departments has a different manager. They all report to the head of the management department.

Function of management

Team management plays a very vital role in the success of a company or organization. Because the team management department selects top performers from the market and builds connections among all candidates. And they took the whole team throughout the process the also motivate all candidates individually because in long term project mostly. Candidate loses their motivation because of failure this is a fact when you follow a big target so you must see failure many times. Without failure, you cannot produce a great achievement for that. Purpose team management motivates all candidates through different kinds of seminars and stories.

The human resources management department was also very important. In the industry, because they look after the manpower and other need of companies like management of electricity water supply. Infrastructure development and maintenance also salary distribution and shift management are also the work. Of the human resources management department they also fulfill the need for food and other stuff.


The function of management:

  • The basic and main purpose of the management or management department is to manage a whole company, organization, or industry in all directions.

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