Function of Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk:

Muscle milk is one of the best and famous supplement by a very well known brand CYTOSPORT. The market value of this brand is billion$ muscle milk used as a meal replacement. They contain 90% protein and 5% carbs and 150 calories per serving. Mostly people mixed up muscle milk with whey protein but there is a huge difference in both of them. Because whey protein is clear protein and muscle milk is wholemeal mostly bodybuilders or fitness freaks take muscle milk when they want to gain weights along with muscles. Muscle milk is available in many flavors and forms but the most famous is liquid form.

Function of Muscle Milk

But the cost of muscle is a little bit high compare to other weight gainers even whey protein is cheap compare to muscle milk. Muscle milk is value for money that’s why CytoSport earns millions from this single supplement. Two things are used in the preparation of muscle milk whey protein and casein blend. That’s why they cost a little bit higher and now they add different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, cookies creamy, and many more.

They add many types of carbohydrates and very little amount of fat. Also because muscle milk is a meal replacement supplement. Now muscle milk easily available in bar forms, milk form (ready for the drink), and recently launch is muscle milk oats. As we mention above muscle milk is available in different flavors so the price of every flavor is different. But they all function the same and muscle milk also fulfill other protein requirements along a good amount of protein


The function of Muscle Milk:

  • Muscle build helps in weight gains mostly bodybuilder use in gaining face. And muscle milk is a meal replacement supplement per serving. Muscle milk contains 3g of pure carbs and 16g of proteins

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