Function of Protein


Amino acid made protein; there are more than 18 types of amino acid. When all the amino acids attached in the shape of the chain, then they produce protein. Protein help is indispensable for good health and for growing the body mass also. It also helps you to achieve your fitness goals. If your goals related to muscle building or fat loss.

Function of protein

Types of protein:

  • Complete protein:

The best sources to consume complete protein are meat products like Fish (tuna and salmon are ideal choices), beef, mutton, and chicken (chicken breast is recommended).

  • Incomplete protein:

The lack of amino acid is called an incomplete protein. Because in the structure of an incomplete protein, the amino acid(the primary substance of protein) is not formed correctly. Grains and some type of vegetable has rich in incomplete protein.

  • Supplementary or complementary protein:

If u take two or more types of incomplete protein in combine formed, that is called complementary protein. It is very crucial in muscle building.

Structure of protein:

       1.Primary structure:

In ordinary circumstances, 20 amino acid merged with protein is called the primary structure.

       2.Secondary structure:

When protein combined and looks like 3D protein, then it called secondary protein.

         3.Tertiary structure:

When more than three bond combine, protein becomes more 3d in look and that types of protein called tertiary structure protein.

The function of protein:

The human body needs the right amount of protein to increase strength or muscle and maintain a daily routine. It is necessary to consume the average amount of protein in the daily diet in a healthy life. If you are in a specific type of diet or gym goal, then the amount of daily consuming protein is different.


If you are following a muscle building diet plane, you have to consume more than the average amount of protein. There are many sources of protein available like protein powder, protein-rich food, some vegetables, and few grains. Meat, some specific type of Fish ( which mention above), chicken breast is most recommended as the protein source.


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