Function of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance:

Quality and assurance are two different words. quality means to provide the best product or service to a user or client for that purpose organization has a quality maintenance officer. Or in large industries has a whole department with the name of the quality control department. That department has only one responsible to make sure the quality of all components of the product and also the quality of the final product. And they check products in all way functionality of the product and also they check the reliability of the product there are many criteria. To ensure the quality of the product and every company has its own rules of a quality check according to the price and region or market of the product.

Function of Quality Assurance

And the criteria of quality assurance depend upon the products because. Every product has its own procedure the quality department works most effectively in the food industry. And pharma industry because this both are most sensitive industry is necessary to make sure the quality of. Food and medicine also after the full inspection of the product and the quality department also check the process. Product making and after all this step they generate a quality assurance statement. In this statement they took guarantee of product in all sense quality-wise, performance-wise,  reliability wise also price-wise. After quality assurance, the demand for that particular product goes high because. Buyers start trusting on product so quality assurance is very important for any product.



The function of Quality Assurance:

The main function of quality assurance is to check the quality of the products. The health of the product and also the performance of the product and quality assurance are very important. For products and also they help to increase in sales because of the quality assurance company. Took guarantee of performance that particular product or service

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