Function of Queen Bee

Queen bee:

The term of the queen bee is used for the mature bee in other words that type of bee has children.  Queen bee must be mature enough to start mating with the male bee. If the male bee is present in the hive and the health of the male bee also plays a vital role in the process of mating.

In the season of summer the queen bee leave hive. Travel in the forest to gather food for male bee and male bee start mating with her in the summer season. They lay thousands of egg in one go in some regions more than one bee selected as a queen because if anyone died then other one take command.

Function of queen bee

After the queen bee, the virgin queen bee is most powerful in the hive. They are more fast and aggressive as compare to a queen bee but in the size, the queen bee is bigger than a virgin bee and all other bees present in the hive.

Virgin bee easily flies in sunny weather. Sometimes they live there hive for mating with other hive drones. They need more than 6 million sperm count to become pregnant and lay healthy eggs.


The function of the queen bee:

The significant function of the queen bee is reproduction. The ideal weather of reproduction is summer or spring in summer the healthy male bee and virgin bee start mating. In the season of spring, they starting laying eggs roughly idea of per day egg is more than 1500.

At the time of egg-laying, the male bee is also present in the hive. The whole hive-bee start pleasing the queen at the time of egg-laying. They provide food and do all other stuff of queen bee when she is pregnant in other words when start laying eggs.

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