Function of Ram


Basically ram work with the help of hard drive. All of the data are stored in hard drive because the hard drive has very much space as compare to ram. When we searched something in our computer then drive starts reading data but hard drive read data very slowly as compare to ram because all data of computer are stored in hard drive. When we start running some program or application in our computer or mobile-first they run or read in the hard drive after first go ram start storing that file.

function of ram

The ram store that files and makes proper cache. Then that particular file or application start running faster because the speed of reading capability of ram is much faster than the hard drive on the other hand storage capacity of a hard drive is better than a hard drive. HHD is more reliable than ram reliable in the sense of cost but nowadays SSD (solid-state drive) takeover hard drive. But SSD is also costly but reading speed of data in solid-state drive is very fast as compare to HHD.

Ram work behind the scene but play a very significant role in the speed of computer or mobile. Without ram, computer cant starts its program. So a good quality and same time good space ram are compulsory to enjoy your computer and if you have a good budget then you replace hard drive to solid-state drive then you feel significant changes in your computer speed.


The function of ram:

  • Serve and store data of the computer. And serve faster than a hard drive.
  • Caching hard drive data here we talking about small data not all data of hard drive.
  • Ram is a very important component of the computer without ram computer not perform a single click

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