Function of Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin:

Recycle bin is the waste bin of the computer every operating system provides a recycle bin with a different name. When we delete some files or data then these files stored in the recycle bin some time for 30 days. And sometimes more than 60 days. It depends upon the operating system we can recover this file on 30 days but after 30 days this file permanently delete from the computer and then there are no simple ways of recovering that file.

Recycle bin store and safe files for many days and they also save a complete track record of that file. If you have some technical knowledge then you can easily check all track records and data of that particular file or software. After permanent delete, you can restore that file but this process required some software and technical knowledge. Security of some apps or files is required to restore from recycling been for a run again in an operating. System some time file delete immediately they all depend upon your computer setting.

function of recycle bin

The whole concept of this trash bin comes from the Apple (RND) research and development center. First, the all rights of trash been is reserved by apple, and also the icon of the trash bin is. Designed or invented by apple First, they named it a trash basket after some year when all operating systems start using this method then they named it a trash bin or some operating system suggest recycle bin for that app.


The function of Recycle Bin:

  • The main function of the recycle bin is to work as a trash port of the computer because of all delete. Files are starting saved in the recycle bin. And you can recover it also in given time every operating system has own time some delete permanently in 30 days or some delete in 60 days

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