Function of Router


A router is a key component for transferring data to one network to another network. Router look like a small device and nowadays mainly router used for distribution internet.  Router work on 3 layer concept and they need software also for rotate data or information on other end. The main purpose of router is break a big network into small networks router is also use for connecting 2 or more network of different address on same point or end.

Router divide a big network domain into many parts equally. The main reason of dividing big domain into many sub domain or subnet is for better quality and for more user can use that network. Here we talking about public networks like WIFI etc. Internet providing companies work on same pattern to maintain quality of internet and for gaining more users. With the help of this method that called 3 layer method internet provider divide 1 big data in many users otherwise they need more networks.

function of router

For dividing one network into many sub network need a full roadmap. And roadmap required software because without software network cant access on other end network. Router work as a main infrastructure in routing network and information or WIFI signals


Function of Router:

  • Main function of router is spread the WIFI signals or other kind of information to one network to other network.
  • Divided big domain data into many sub nets or sub networks for maintain the quality.
  • WIFI routers connect one or more big data network in same point or end.
  • Router work on 3 layer concept. 3 layer is a whole path or process.
  • If the address of both network or sub net Is same than signals not move to another point because they need two different address for working perfectly.

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