Function of Satellite


There are two types of satellites one is natural and 2nd one is artificial or you call men made. An example of natural satellite is the moon because they continuously move around the earth at this situation earth is the orbit of the moon. In other scenarios, the earth is also satellite because take a round trip around the moon at this stage earth is satellite and moon its orbit. And there are thousands of man mad satellites in space artificial satellites use for different purposes some of are working for communication.

Some satellites working for the weather but the weather satellites are a little bit different from other ones. Because these types of satellites always stay in the same position they slow rotate along with the earth. Because they need to provide 24/7 weather reports of those particular areas. Some of the satellites working on GPS they provide GPS signals and if you have GPS enabled device then they can track your location.

functions of satellites

Some experiments company launched their satellites towards MARS, JUPITER, and other planet so they gather information about that planet and start some research but till dates they can gather information about the temperature of other planets and the quantity and quality of water and they want to know the human can live on another planet or not.


The function of satellite:

  • They provide information about rain and different kind of weather because. The activity of all-day depends upon the weather report so these types of satellites are very important for the Government.
  • Some satellites are using for communication signals. And these types of satellites also provide tv signals and mobile phone signals.
  • Rare types of satellites are using for spying with the help of signals. These types of satellites are always moving with the earth

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