Function of Saturated Fats

Saturated Fats:

Basically, there are two types of fats that are present in the human body as well as in eating stuff. Saturated fat is not good for health on the other hand unsaturated is good for health but. If you take aces amount of unsaturated fats that are also dangerous for health the best amount. is 30% of your all-day diet above 30% become the cause of many diseases.

So come to the point the main difference in both of them is the chemical structure saturated fat has strong. Chemical The structure that’s why the process of digestion is become slow because of the slow process digestion organs start working abnormally. And in case you take more than 11% saturated fat then the body starts storing. Because they cannot dissolve that much amount of saturated fat they start blocking arteries and blood vessels.

Function of Saturated Fats

And they affect badly on the heart almost 90% cause of heart attacks is arteries and vessels blockage. And the main reason for arteries blockage is the intake of high amounts of saturated fats. Blood vessels also cause many other diseases like high blood pressure and the most common source of saturated fats we use in our daily routines.

Is meat, eggs, milk, chocolates, and the most common and the thing is soft drinks. Because the soft drink is rich in sugar as well as refined carbohydrates and these two things are also considered in saturated fats. In the meat categories only high-fat meats like pigs, buffalos, and other that type of meats. And if you boiled milk twice and separate the fat then that type of milk is good.


The function of Saturated Fats:

  • The main source of saturating fate is whole milk, peanut butter, simple butter, meat, and top of the list. Is soft drinks. Saturated fats impact very negatively on the human body.

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