Function of Sea Salt

Sea Salt:

There are mainly two types of salt people mostly use. One is iodine salt and the second is sea salt. Basically, there is a very old argument some people say sea salt is best and some believe iodine salt is perfect. But if we check figure and fact then sea salt is a little bit better then iodine salt. Because sea salt has minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium and sea salt is totally organic.

The only source of sea salt is seawater sea salt factories evaporate the water and extract salt from this. In the 190s people only use iodine salt because they think this salt is more beneficial for health. But nowadays sea salt is trending and consumer of iodine salt shift to sea salt. Because they have more minerals as compare to any other kind of salt.

And they cost 1$ per pound but this price is not fixed some time is 2$ to 3$ per pound. Sea salt has a different taste because this is organic. But everyone has different salt tastes some want the high salt taste and some people like medium or low salt.

Function of Sea Salt

If you like low salt in cooking then sea salt is not your cup of tea because sea salt has a sharp taste because they contain more minerals and they are in raw form. Without any processing and that’s why sea salt costs a little bit higher. Sea salt mostly uses in restaurants because sea salt is healthier and also good in taste as compared to another salt. They cost more but consume less there are more than 5 types of seat salt different salt extract from different regions and different taste,


The function of Sea Salt:

  • Sea salt is sharper in taste and more costly as compare to iodine salt. And sea salt has more health benefits as compared to any other kind of salt.

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