Function of Tap Water

Tap Water:

Waters in rivers and canals are tap water. In some countries, seawater is also used as tap water but they process the water first. Countries like the UAE, and Dubai use seawater as tap water because they have no canal and other resources like glacier. So they process seawater with special types of chemicals and minerals after all this processing. The municipal government transfers this water to home s through pipes lines.

Basically, tap water is used in daily life routine, not in drinking but accept drinking tape water use in all. Need for life in washing, bathing, toilet, and there is much more need for tape water. You pay monthly or annually tax to the municipal government for using tap water because the municipal government looks after the whole.

Function of Tap Water

Process of tap water supply in modern or in first world countries like the USA, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, etc Municipal government has small dams. Where they stored rainwater and another kind of water after the storage they process and clean the water. So people can use fear-free because in case the water has some virus or some kind of disease then that disease spread throughout the city.

Every city has its own small dams and the charges of tape water are also different in different cities. In rural areas, municipal governments charge less because they have big dams to store that water. And the cost of pipeline maintenance is also very low because the population is very low in rural areas. That’s why consumption of water is very low even in some rural areas government charge tax in quarterly.


The function of Tap Water:

  • Tap water used in daily life routine except drinking. And municipal government charge monthly tax according to your consumption.

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