Function of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil:

There are many types of oils available in markets and each type of oil. Has different functions and specializations basic function or use of oil is for cooking and frying. But there is much oil like one of the most famous is olive oil this oil is used in medication also. Olive oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. In the modern world, companies extract oil from different methods. And every oil has different qualities and this quality depends upon the seed of oil and the method of extraction is also impacts the quality of the oil.

Vegetable oil is one of the best oil in the world for cooking. But there is also some type of vegetable oil used in medical treatment or medical companies. And vegetable oil has many types because you can extract almost all types of vegetable oil. Mostly vegetable oil used in the cooking process because some vegetable oils like coconuts oil are rich in flavor so in some dishes.


Coconuts oil use in high volume and also use in the dressing of salad and special dishes. But there are also some cons of coconut oil and that is the Function of Vegetable Oilfat percentage unfortunately coconut oil has the highest amount of saturated fat. Mainly in oils, 2 types of fat are present saturated fat and monosaturated. And coconut oil is rich in saturated fat. And the smoking point of coconut is also different from all other vegetable oils usually all. Vegetable oil becomes smoke at 242c on the other hand smoke point of coconut is 265c.


The function of Vegetable Oil:

  • Vegetable oil mostly uses in cooking. A few kinds of vegetable oil is also using for different purposes like coconut oil is used in massage as well as cooking also.

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