Function of Web cam


The webcam is a portable camera in the last decades. when online meetings, conferences, video call in initial stages and become more famous. People start using a webcam for live video but nowadays laptop manufacturers provide built cameras. You can easily take pictures from webcams or built a camera.

After the launch of webcam video calls app like skype Viber. Now whatsapp and Facebook also provide video call feature. In video conferences, it’s necessary for all people to have webcam otherwise those candidates. who join without webcam does not see the video only hear the voice of other peoples.

function of webcam


You can take frequently pictures or videos with the help of a webcam. If you are online and some websites demand your picture or video proof so you can easily provide without wasting a single second. You also provide pictures or video to social media sites like Facebook Instagram and Pinterest

In starting days of webcam only corporate use webcam for conferences and meetings. with international clients but after a couple of years. webcam become popular among common people every one start using for various purpose.

But nowadays the graph for webcam users is decline because of its old fashion now. The laptop have own built camera so no one wants access webcam.


The function of the webcam:

  • Use for live video or taking pictures from the desktop.
  • Taking instant pictures or make videos.
  • One or more people connect with each other with the help of a webcam
  • Smartphones also have a webcam in simple words front camera of phone or laptops called webcam
  • Use for live video recording and record lectures or provide online lectures
  • There are many types of webcam available in markets with good quality of video recordings
  • Some webcam have built microphones no need to connect microphones separately

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