Function of Web server

Web server:

Web server is hardware where people store website data. In webserver, we need to install software without software server cant perform well. Well in the sense of providing fast and secure data to clients. The web server also needs another side another server, machine, or software to respond. The web server responds to http and https code if someone searches on search engine like. Google, Mozilla firefox and there are hundreds of search engines available in the market where you can easily start searching. When you search for any kind of term there is always server available on the other side and start showing your queries.

Function of web server


All website have own server some website using shared or some have own servers. The quality of the server plays a very vital role in the speed and presence of your website in a search engine or world wide web. You can do partitions in servers if your server has 500tb space you can divide into many parts. Like some sites have 100Gb and some have more than 2tb its all depends up to you. How can easily we manage?

If you have big sites where millions of visitors land on your site then it is become compulsory to connect that site with a dedicated server. With good quality of space and uptime and then you need a security person who secures your server from different kinds of attacks. Because if your server been hacked or crash then your site showing 404 code or note responding codes.

The function of the webserver:

  • Store data and content of your site.
  • Provide fast and secure data to your client and customers. If you host or store your site data in the good quality server where you have some access space then your site loads in a minor second but there are also many factors in site speed but the server is the significant part related to website speed.

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