Function of Welfare State

Welfare state:

In the welfare, states government take care of peoples. Not only take care of the government to take full responsibility for their peoples. They look after all the basic needs of their peoples but the declaration of the welfare state it’s not possible for every country because first, you need one of the strongest economies. Without a strong economy, how can the government feed their peoples without charging a single penny so the developed country, in other words, first world countries have semi welfare states in

In welfare states not every people start relying on government. But the number of unemployed peoples in millions especially in rural areas. After a strong economy, you need a heavy and foolproof system for monitoring the people because the government offers jobs for unemployed persons on a weekly basis. And the honest distribution of money and other resources is also a big challenge for welfare states in welfare states the government has to pay the rent of the house of unemployed persons.

function of welfare state


People of this decades think the idea of welfare states. Or the frame of welfare states provided by British or American but the real founder of the welfare state is the Ottoman empire. In welfare, the state government collects a massive amount of taxes from the rich or business communities. Then that taxes use to feed unemployed person government also give interests free loans to poor people so they can easily start their small business.


The function of the welfare state:

  • In welfare, state government gives free education and free health care facilities.
  • They help an unemployed person to find reliable jobs. They also post daily jobs in the government newspaper.
  • All the money and resources divide equally in welfare states. Because equal distribution is the key point of the welfare state. The government also provide house loan in welfare states

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