Functions of Growth hormones

Growth Hormones:

Growth hormones (GH) is helping the human body to grow. The growth of height, muscle, and getting lean mass all depends on growth hormones. it’s mandatory to have a sufficient amount of GH in the human body for the perfect growth of muscle and all other body parts. In case anyone has access amount of GH then he starts Facing a very serious type of health issue its necessary for a child as well as young.

In the USA they have proper laws and conditions for selling GH. If the situation is getting worse and all the conditions are applied (which mention in law) on patients. then Dr can suggest growth hormones in common reason of usage GH in the child is height. If any child not growing height as compared to a common child then Dr prescribes GH to him.

Functions of Growth hormones

GH is only beneficial when you inject directly. if you use in pill or any other form you will not be getting actual results some people take GH pills as an anti-aging substance but there is not any proven theory about this infect pills damage health as well. Growth hormone pills have no benefit sometimes is harmful.

The function of Growth Hormones:

There are many benefits of GH some are the following:

  • Muscles building:

The growth hormone is best for getting lean muscles for fat loss also. Bodybuilders, athletes, sportsman they all are using GH nowadays because they believe this hormone helps in muscle building sportsman and athletes use for increasing stamina. of course, its help but some people start abusing it then they start facing some serious health issues heart and blood pressure issues on top.

  • Height growth:

In medical filed human growth hormones used for increasing height. If some on not meet standard height at specific age than he can use growth hormones in the supervision of FDA approved Dr kids or young both use if Dr prescribes him or her.

  • The harmful effect of abusing Growth hormones:

The overdose of GH  is extremely harmful.  Anyone takes overdose then he will face short term and long term issues as well in short term very much possible he faces headaches, joint pain, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, lack of sleep. In the long term, heart disease is top of the list its very simple if you give access to any hormone it affects you negatively.


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