Functions of Joints


When two bones attached himself that’s a point called a joint. There are many types of joints some are movable and some are fixed. Cartilage is slippery stuff that reduces the friction of bones at the point where bones meet basically cartilage is tissue.

There is another tissue called tendons. This tissue work as a connector between bones and muscles this tissue also helps bones to remain lubricated. There are more than 7 types of tissue that help joints in different situations.

Function of joints

Some help joints to become stronger. Like ligaments, this is a most elastic tissue which helps joints they attached on both bones as well as muscles. The main feature is to don’t make extra or harmful movements to joints.

Bursas attached with structure and joint that help joints to move without friction. And also give strength to joints and bones. You have to take enough amount of vitamin D to make bones stronger. Sunlight also provides strength to bones.


The function of joints:

There are 4 types of joint:

  • Ball and socket joints:

That type of joint which allow us to move forward, backward, rotation like shoulder joint. Ball and socket joints are very lubricated as compare to other joints because they move in all directions.

  • Hinge joints:

Hinge joints found in fingers that joints help in bending and that type of joint also help in stretching.toe and knee joint is also hinge joint.

  • Pivot joints:

Pivot joints are located in the neck this joint allows up-down and right-left movement you cant stretched this joint as much because pivot joints are very sensitive joints.

  • Ellipsoidal joints:

The joint that found in the wrist called ellipsoidal joint you can move in all direction but you can’t bend it for a long time with high intensity.

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