Functions of leaves


Upper site of plant or tree mainly covered by leaves. There are more many types of leaves some are short and some are very big and cover massive surface majority leaves has green colour some of is a different colour but that type of leave is very rare. Mainly leaves change it colours in autumn in the mid or some time in quarter leaves start fallen from tree and plant but also there are some specific type of trees and plant their leaves are fallen in the autumn season I m talking about here all type of plant. In spring season new fresh and healthy leaves start growing on trees.

Functions of leaves

The surface of leaves is flat some of are in slightly round shape. Leaves absorb sunlight all days because of its flat surface photosynthesis occurred after the absorption of sunlight water and minerals from the soil and steam. Leaves also have very tiny size of hairs if u rub your finger on the specific type of leaves you can easily feel it.

Common types of leaves:

  • Lycophytes
  • Ferns
  • Conifer: ( conifer have litter hard surface as compared to normal plants)
  • Angiosperm ( most of the flowers are angiosperm)

The function of leaves:

  • The main feature of leaves is providing food or fruits leaves directly attach with vascular and veins of the plant where they can transfer minerals waters from all parts of the tree and also extract minerals from roots to this way leaves also have its own veins
  • This is also another very important feature of leaves or you called plant. Leaves absorb carbon dioxide which is very harmful to human and release fresh oxygen more than 20% of oxygen produced by Amazon rain forest
  • Plants also remove dust from the air and provide us with fresh and healthy air
  • Leaves or plant also provide greeneries which is very best for eyes

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