Functions Of Pons

The pons is a component of the mid brain stem, present above the medulla oblongata and so below the midbrain. Though it is tiny in size, at practically 2.5 centimeters extended, it acts plenty of vital services. It certainly is a bridge between distinct aspects of the neurological system, for instance the cerebellum and also cerebrum, that have been both portions of the brain.

As a part of the brain stem, the pons conjointly influences a number of automatic functions required for healthy life. An element of the lower pons triggers and also regulates the level of breathing process, along with spot of the superior pons voids the depth and also frequency of breaths. The pons also has been involving the command over complete sleep cycles.

Functions Of Pons

Functions Of Pons:

The pons is a communicate link in order for network between distinctive parts of the brain, particularly the cerebrum along with the cerebellum. Moreover it is a access between the medulla oblongata as well as the cerebral cortex. Its function in the access of signals provides the brain, thereby the organism, to perform appropriately.

The pons besides deals with sleep as well as being the source of REM or simply quick eye activity of sleep, any time dreams occur. It helps the body to encounter sleep paralysis, which makes any person from waking up while sleeping. Mainly because it belongs to the brain stem, the pons likewise sends signals between the brain along with the spinal cord.

The pons contains the nuclei of several cranial nerves. They are the trigeminal nerve, the abducens and facial nerve nuclei and the vestibulocochlear nuclei. These nerves control hearing and balance, the sensations of touch and pain in the face, breathing, the bladder and facial expressions. They also control the movement of eyes, the production of tears and saliva, and the ability to chew and swallow.

The pons is a structure that sits right above the medulla oblongata, below the midbrain and behind the cerebellum. It’s made out of white matter and is about an inch long. “Pons” is the word for bridge in Latin.

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