Functions of pineal gland

The pineal gland is among the littlest and also primary endocrine glands in your body. Found in the middle of the mind near to the more popular pituitary gland, the pineal gland becomes its label from its appearance pine cone form. It is usually called the pineal organ, the pineal body or the “third eye”. This small gland handles your own body’s sleep-wake style. Although, because of many points, calcification of pineal gland may appear, hampering brain functionality. Treatments to decalcify the brain must instantly be taken.

Function of pineal gland

Functions of pineal gland: 

Helping in produce melatonin:

The most important function of the pineal gland is usually to produce melatonin, which performs a part in regulating sleep periods as well as in sexual enhancement. The pineal gland likewise helps to control endocrine functions in order to change nervous signals into endocrine signals.

Helping in produce melatonin

Functions of the take a break of the endocrine internal organs:

Many years, researchers and also doctors are actually unclear with what the pineal gland really performs, long after uncovering the functions of the take a break of the endocrine internal organs. Researchers are not completely sure of the full part that the pineal gland performs inside the body, though they now think that it primarily related to the secretion of melatonin, that is the only famous hormone it generates.

pineal gland

Control by light and dark:

Melatonin secretion is controlled by light, as the pineal gland generates higher levels while it is dark and also stops generating it whenever it is light.

Pineal gland Control by light and dark

Helps in delivering the essential substances to human brain:

The pineal gland has always been called the “third eye,” because of its spot close to the middle of the brain. It is a smaller, reddish-gray organ which is formed like a pine cone, in fact it is this shape that provides the pineal gland its term. As people get older, the pineal gland frequently turns into calcified because of accumulation of phosphorous, calcium and fluoride that accumulate as time passes.

pineal gland essential components to mind


  • Helping in produce melatonin.
  • Functions of the take a break of the endocrine internal organs.
  • Control by light and dark.
  • Helps in delivering the essential substances to human brain.




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